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G.A. Henty Collection - Robinson Books
Convenient Computer Software

All of the more than 42,000 pages of books on these six CD-ROMs, including illustrations and colored covers, are recorded as 600 dpi image files. When printed with the included software, they look exactly like the originals. The image sizes can be adjusted during printing. An excellent on-screen reader is also provided for those who wish to read the books on the computer screen. These CDs are usable with Windows compatible computers.

These books provide an excellent supplementary reading resource for the Robinson Curriculum and are a blessing to any person � young or old, regardless of educational background � given a chance to read them.

The great authors of the past are a priceless heritage for our future. We are delighted to now be able to make the works of G. A. Henty available to readers everywhere in this affordable and convenient 6 CD-ROM set.

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