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G.A. Henty Collection - Robinson Books
Technical Support
 • Windows XP Replacement Application
 • RC + Henty Program Download
 • Mac Reader Software
 • Replacement CD Request


Windows XP Replacement Application

This is the procedure for the correct installation of Henty Collection replacement application on Windows XP.

1. Uninstall the old version if you have one.

2. Restart the computer to make sure the memory is clear.

3. Install the Henty Collection by downloading and opening HTSetup installation program.

Click here to download

Special Notes:You do not need to disable the Print Spooling under Windows XP.

You do have the option of printing two pages per side which will reduce the size of the pages by 50%.  This option should be available to you from the properties button on your print dialog box which comes up after you press Print.


RC + Henty Program Download

For those of you who have both the Robinson Curriculum and the G.A. Henty Collection we now have a program (Version 2.29 - January 1, 2006) that combines the two together.  It adds the Henty books and stories to the bottom of the books list.  It will also look in a c:\robinson\books for the book folders from the CDs for all the RC and Henty CDs (no more flipping CDs!).

Note: For Windows 98 SE, 2000, XP, and Windows Vista.  If you have an older version of Windows please use the older versions.

You can get it by clicking on the button below and choosing Run or Open.

Click here to download


Mac Reader Software

We cannot give technical support for the Mac but we do have a Mac Reader for the Henty Collection available if you would like to try it on your Mac.

Note: This is the Reader only.  You need the CDs to see the content of the books.


Replacement CD Request

For broken, lost, or damaged CDs.

Replacement CDs are $20 each with free shipping. Note: If you purchased the Henty Collection new, be sure to include your serial number in the order and we will verify and refund the amount of the order.

Enter Serial # & Disk Needed

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