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G.A. Henty Collection - Robinson Books
Hardback and Softback Editions
Robinson Books Publishing

The complete Henty Collection of 99 books is now available in hardback and softback editions.  Also available are two new compilations of short stories by G. A. Henty.

These books by G. A, Henty are remarkable.  They were very popular in British and American schools 100 years ago.  Each book chronicles the fictional adventures of a young teenaged hero set against the backdrop of a great historical event or interesting time.  Ususally the hero interacts personally with the famous figures involved in the event.  Also, the lives, customs, and geographies of the regions in which the action takes place are described with careful attention to authenticity.

The result is that the reader is greatly entertained by a fast-moving adventure story and more easily remembers the history associated with it.  Also, since the schools 100 years ago actively taught the students the basics of good character including honesty, hard work, diligence, humility, and other attributes, the story teaches these virtues to the reader by means of the example hero.

 Henty Books Half Off Sale!These are wonderful gifts for young people.  Taken as a whole, the 99-volume set is a wonderful history course.  Also, the excellent vocabulary, syntax, and general erudition of Henty's writing serves as an excellent example for the student who is learning to read and write.

If you decide to purchase them, we suggest that you consider Set 1 or Set 2.  Set 1 has been selected as an especially good sampler of G.A. Henty's work.  Set 2 has been selected has been selected to contain only books that are not otherwise in print, which makes an ideal gift for someone already reading the currently available titles. Also, each of these two sets comes with a free book of short stories by Henty.  The per set savings over the individual books are, therefore, $35 for the soft cover and $37 for the hard cover.

Now save even more with a special 50% off promotional offer for owners of the Robinson Curriculum.  Save 50% off the single copy retail list price regardless of quantity. We have the complete collections (over 100 books) on special: $699 for soft cover and $1199 for hard cover.

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