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Recommended Printers

Because printing is central to the use of the Robinson Curriculum I know a lot of you have questions as to which printer would be best.  The good news is that technology is now delivering the ideal printers at a lower cost than ever before.  Someone said that the power of the press is for those who own one – and have something worthwhile to print!  Your computer, one of these printers, and the Robinson Curriculum give you that power.

Brother HLL6200DW Printer

The main factor to consider when choosing a printer is cost per page since this cost is often more than the cost of the printer in the long run. Paper costs about $20-$30 per 5000 (1/3 to 1/2 cent per sheet which is 2 pages) so this a minor cost. Generally ink jet printers can cost from 3-5 cents per page for ink. Laser printers are faster and cost from 1-3 cents per page. Thus the major cost is the ink or toner.

The ideal is a duplex printer that will print both sides of the paper at one time.  Amazingly, the cost of these printers has dropped in half in just the last 3 years. A duplex printer is the closest thing you can have to your own printing press.  And with prices for toner down at 1 cent per page it is cheaper than buying preprinted books. The ones that best fit the bill are:

Duplex Printers and Supplies
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Brother HL-2340DW $99 Brand New 2.4K*  $45
Brother HLL6200DW $199 Brand New 12K*  $118

* K means 1,000 pages.  A 12K toner cartridge is good for 12,000 pages.