Robinson Curriculum

RC Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2

For Original Owners of Version 2.0

Version 2.2 of the Robinson Curriculum is now available as an upgrade for original owners of Version 2.0.  You have Version 2.0 if your CD Disk 1 has “Version 2.0” on the label.  The upgrade consists of a new CD Disk 1.   This Upgrade is compatible with Windows XP and Vista and Windows 7. Contained within the upgrade are the following:

New and Updated Content

  1. A revised Course of Study.
  2. Grammar and Spelling books.
  3. Vocabulary Exercises for the more than 6,400 vocabulary words associated with each book in the core read order.
  4. Newly formatted flash cards for Vocabulary, Math, and Phonics.

New Software

  1. Version 2.2  keeps track of all your print jobs in a printable Print Log.  Also, clicking on a book title will tell you when you last printed that book.
  2. The new D indicator marks all the pages that are dark and will cost a lot of ink to print.  The Skip feature skips past these saving you ink and therefore money.
  3. Print Percentages are now set for each individual book.  Thus, when you print the books, they are preset to fill the printed page with about a one inch margin.  As before, you can reset the percentages yourself, if you like.
  4. The print engine has been modified to print pages in 25 page groups, eliminating any past problems with print spoolers.

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Robinson Internet

RC Upgrade CD Disk 1 Version 2.2 RC Owners Only


Shipping: Regular Shipping is included free of charge. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Upgrade and Support for Non-Original Owners

If you purchased the curriculum used we now allow you to upgrade to Version 2.2 (see description above), receive technical support, and notification of updates.

We accept PayPal - VISA - MC - AMEX - DISC


Robinson Internet

Version 2.2 Upgrade and Support Non-Original Owners


Before You Purchase a Used Robinson Curriculum

Please take note of the following:

  1. According to the license agreement when a person transfers the curriculum to another person, all printed materials must accompany the original CDs.  If you purchase a used curriculum without receiving the printed materials the previous owner(s) printed out then the license agreement is being violated.
  2. Technical Support is not provided for non-original owners unless paid for separately (see above).
  3. Replacement CDs are $20 each (they are free for original owners). This applies should any CDs become lost, scratched, or broken and is all the more significant for older CDs.
  4. Only original owners are eligible for upgrade pricing for any future upgrades.