The Robinson self-teaching methodology teaches your children to become independent learners.
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Robinson Homeschool Curriculum
Independent of Parent Skills
Children Learn Whether Parents Have Skills and Time or Not

This teaching program requires almost no teacher interaction. It is not dependent upon the parent's individual education, and it routinely allows the students to acquire skills and knowledge that are beyond those of the parents. Children Learn Whether Parents Have Skills and Time or Not.

Books contain knowledge that children need.  Each child must learn to extract and use that knowledge to the greatest extent that his or her abilities permit. This curriculum enables the student to learn these skills with very little teacher help, and it provides the student with 120,000 pages of knowledge from the greatest science, history, literature, economics, reference, and general education books in the English language. These are reinforced by frequent and appropriate examinations.

The Robinson Curriculum solves both these problems.

Home schooling not only provides a superior childhood and family environment, it also has potential to transform American society by building new generations of more capable young adults. Home schooling is, however, often held back by the academic education of the parents or their lack of time to become home school teachers.

The Robinson Curriculum solves both these problems. Children using this curriculum are able to advance at their own rate through learning of skills and facts whether or not their parents have this knowledge - and they do so on their own without an active teacher. The Robinson Home School Curriculum Version 2.2 is an extraordinary system of home education that exceeds, in quality and effectiveness, any other home school curriculum - and at a very low price.

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