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Robinson Homeschool Curriculum
Special Offer: Printed Books
 • Makes Vocabulary Words Easier to Learn
 • The Spelling and Grammar books that are part of the Upgrade to Version 2....
 • The spelling and grammar books are meant to be self-teaching....
 • When our family began home schooling 20 years ago,...
 • Special: 50% Discount on Henty Books


Makes Vocabulary Words Easier to Learn

The Robinson Curriculum contains printable flash cards for the 6,464 vocabulary words keyed to the core read order of books from 4-150.  Each book has between 15 and 50 words with definitions and context sentences associated with it.  This vocabulary gives your child's mind active knowledge of a set of words that enable them to think and understand with greater clarity.

We now offer Robinson Curriculum Vocabulary Exercises that make learning and remembering these words easier and more enjoyable.   Each book has its own set, or sets of exercises.  Each of the words for that book are represented in every exercise and these include:

  1. Vocabulary List - a list of the words and definitions
  2. Word Find - containing the vocabulary words as clues
  3. Crossword Puzzle - with clues to words across and down
  4. Word Find - containing definitions as clues
  5. Matching Game - matching words with definitions
The final volume contains the answer keys to all the exercises.

This is the most complete self-teaching English vocabulary course available.

The total cost of the entire 10 Volume, 1600+ page, comb-bound, set of Robinson Curriculum Vocabulary Exercises is $79.95 plus shipping.  See the Ordering section below.

Note: The Vocabulary Exercises are included in Version 2.2 of the Robinson Curriculum and can be printed out in its entirety from there.



Vocabulary Exercises - 10 Volumes
for RC Owners Only
 Shipping $7



The Spelling and Grammar books that are part of the Upgrade to Version 2.2 are now also available as printed books.

     Click here to Order the Grammar and Spelling Book Set  


Professor Klugimkopf's Old-Fashioned English Grammar
Hard Cover - 416 pages - ISBN: 0-942487-11-7

Professor Klugimkopf's Old-Fashioned English Grammar
By: Jane M. Orient

Professor Klugimkopf's Old-Fashioned English Grammar, is a blueprint for the study of English.

Special Features:

  • Old-fashioned diagrams
  • A layered style, with a primer and advanced sections
  • Old concepts reviewed in each set of exercises, as in Saxon math
  • Answers and detailed explanations for the exercises
  • Exercises based on passages from books in the Robinson Self-Teaching Home School Curriculum
  • Practice in correcting common errors


Professor Klugimkopf's Spelling Method

Hard Cover - 154 pages - ISBN: 0-942487-09-5

Professor Klugimkopf's Spelling Method
By: Jane M. Orient

In Professor Klugimkopf's Spelling Method learn the great secret of the universe:
Letters stand for sounds.

Special Features:

  • Essential rules from phonics
  • "Families" show various ways to spell each sound
  • "Oddities" and "orphans" identified
  • Special emphasis on homonyms
  • Words of more than one syllable as ordered in the vocabulary lessons in the Robinson Self-Teaching Home School Curriculum
  • Designed to accompany Professor Klugimkopf's Old-Fashioned English Grammar.


The spelling and grammar books are meant to be self-teaching. The introduction contains many suggestions on how to use them. The amount of teacher direction needed or desired depends on the child.

There are detailed answers for all exercises.

They are not designed to be used year after year, but for concentrated courses at times determined by the teacher and the student's abilities. Again, there are suggestions in the introduction.

The books specifically reject the idea that students should get their grammar in small doses spread over 12 years.

The spelling list for words of more than one syllable contains the words in the vocabulary exercises, ordered by books in the Robinson Curriculum. Vocabulary and spelling can be assigned as the various books are read.

The child need not memorize the lists of one-syllable words all at once, but the teacher might want him to have a quick look at the ways to spell various sounds, with examples, and then go through the book again more slowly to practice each word family.

The Robinson Curriculum is designed for children to proceed at their own individual pace, and thus does not go by government-school grade levels.

The scope is quite comprehensive. The grammar book has a primer in bigger font and a "main course" taking the concepts in the same order but at a higher level. Advanced concepts are included in the "main course" and labeled as such so that they may be skipped.

If you find a basic English concept that is omitted, please call it to the author's attention so that the omission may be remedied.

The books are not consumable, so they can be shared by many children. The student can write answers on a separate sheet of paper. The exercises consisting of reading passages from the Robinson Curriculum can be printed out from the CD-ROMs (exact page references are included), and the student can write on the print-outs. Thus, for this part of the book, teachers can generate as many consumable copies as they wish.

The font size is 12 point (primer) or 10 point (more advanced).

Click here to Order the Grammar and Spelling Book Set  


When our family began home schooling 20 years ago, it was never our intention to produce books and CD-ROMs for children. The death in 1988 of our wife and mother, Laurelee, when the children were 12, 10, 8, 6, 6 years and 18 months old, markedly changed our lives. From then on, our home school became a project in self-teaching, which required, more than ever before, the very best books and educational materials because the children had no teacher.

From this experience has grown the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum on 22 CD-ROMs that is now used by more than 60,000 children. These CDs provide the best books, vocabulary exercises, reference works, and other teaching aids that we have been able to find or produce. Also, to supplement the teaching of history, we published the books of G. A. Henty on a 6 CD-ROM set.

Until now, the users of the Robinson Curriculum have relied primarily upon books printed from the CD-ROMs with laser or inkjet printers. Some have purchased those few books that are still in print or obtained used books, although the supply of these is quite limited. Some also have read the books from computer monitors. Low-resolution computer displays, however, reduce reading speed and comprehension. Reading from the printed page is much better.

Computer printing of the books is the most economical. Including paper, printing supplies, and three-ring binders, 400-page books can be produced this way for about $7 to $9 per book, depending upon the prices paid for supplies - and not including the cost of equipment. If two home-schooled children use these books, the total cost is about $100 per year per child.

There is, however, another cost. Many parents do not have the time to routinely print books. Books that they do not print are, therefore, lost to their children. This lost opportunity cost is very high - much higher than is often realized. When this cost is considered, many families will find the $11 book cost + $1 shipping = $12 price of the new soft cover Robinson Books to be actually more economical than self-printed books.

By selecting the very best books from our rich, centuries-long heritage of English language works, those of us who originated the Robinson curriculum have been able to produce a curriculum that surpasses all modern equivalents produced by contemporary writers. The selection of these volumes and their integration into a unique teaching system have produced a course of study that is without equal in modern American education.

A problem, however, is that many of the ideas, morals, and ethics that have made our civilization great are out of fashion, so the books that teach these unique values are out of print. For the past eight years, we have been able to bring these books back into print only by means of digital CD-ROMs. Now, we are bringing them back with paper and ink.

Our initial printing emphasizes the wonderful collection of historical novels written by G. A. Henty. While some of these books have been in print, two-thirds of them have been out of print and generally unavailable to home school readers.

G. A. Henty wrote at a time when the teaching of a deep Christian faith, high moral character, sound ethical principles, a strong work ethic, simple personal humility, and self-confidence based on real accomplishments were considered essential to the education of each young person. This is in sharp contrast to today's tax-financed schools where these values are deliberately excluded. The Henty books provide training in history and in many of the highest aspects of human character, while holding the attention of the reader with tales of adventure written by a master story teller. Not only do Henty's heroes serve as excellent examples to people of all ages, his own vocabulary, grammar, and literary skills serve as outstanding examples to young writers, readers, and speakers of the English language. In learning to write, as in learning to speak, the examples that children follow are the most important factors in their accomplishments.

American young people should read not a few Henty books, but all 99 of them. Taken together, they constitute a superb course in world history and an education in some of the the highest aspects of human behavior in the heroes - and in some of the lowest aspects in the villains.

In the Robinson Curriculum, we emphasize autobiographies of famous historical figures. Reading history in the words of those who made it is best, but many great events are not memorialized by appropriate autobiographies. Moreover, autobiographical figures usually assume that the reader is familiar with the customs, culture, and issues of their time.

G. A. Henty, on the other hand, teaches the culture of world civilizations along with his rendering of great events. As a result, the reader of Henty's books gradually gains an understanding of human nature and of the historical contexts of world affairs.

Consider the way in which modern human events are generally taught to students today. Each outstanding figure is usually classified as either a hero or a demon - yet, in truth, people are usually not this way. Both the virtues and the faults of human nature are found in everyone. Good and evil abound throughout the human race. Sometimes, when evil triumphs within a powerful individual or nation, great amounts of human suffering are the result; whereas sometimes good triumphs with equivalently beneficial results.

In order to understand current events and to act with wisdom and good judgment toward our fellow men, it is necessary to understand history - to understand the nature of man and the ways in which he has behaved in the past. It is this understanding that is greatly augmented by reading the works of G. A. Henty and by thinking about the events and people that he describes.

In the Robinson Curriculum, we place the greatest emphasis on learning to think. Mathematics and science are the primary tools used in this educational process. In these subjects, problem solving predominates with rigorously rational problems for which there are exact, entirely truthful answers. We study mathematics and science for several reasons, but the primary reason is that this study teaches the student to think.

Applying this skill to human affairs is, however, much more difficult. Human beings and the civilizations they build are far more complicated than simple problems in math and science. Moreover, each student must create, in his mind, a model of human behavior that can be used as a reliable reference. This model can best be constructed by observing past human behavior. The student must become familiar with the ways in which people and nations have behaved over many, many centuries, so that he can both anticipate future behavior and understand past behavior in a sensible historical context.

It is in building this model that the works of G. A. Henty are especially valuable. By reading the 99 books that Henty wrote, the student is able to build a consistent model of human behavior during many of the great events of the past two millennia - both that of the famous participants and that of ordinary men who were caught up in these events.

I have been delighted by the depth of historical understanding that Henty's works have imparted to my own children and to many others who use our curriculum. Moreover, having read all of these books once and most of them more than once, my own life has been enriched and my understanding of history much improved. We hope that, in publishing these printed volumes, we will help make these experiences possible for many more children and their parents.

Arthur B. Robinson
OISM - October 2002


Special: 50% Discount on Henty Books

We are now offering these books to users of the Robinson Curriculum for 50% less than the retail single-copy price.

All Henty Collection hard cover books are $15 each and all soft cover books are $10 each for current Robinson Curriculum customers.

If you are currently a Robinson Curriculum user, please email your name, address, Robinson Curriculum serial-number, and email address to [email protected]. Within 24 hours we will verify your serial-number (found on the inside back of the case) and email you back the information you will need to receive these special prices. If you have purchased the Robinson Curriculum but not yet recieved it you can use the date of purchase instead of the serial number to be eligible for the 50% discount

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