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Robinson Homeschool Curriculum
Saxon Math Order Form
Print out and mail in to address at bottom

As a Robinson Curriculum customer you are entitled to order the Saxon Math books for our cost. Prices are subject to change in the future without notice. You will receive the hard cover Student Textbook and Answer Key.

To order online see Order by Internet.

Please send the following Saxon Math Books 
and matching Answer Keys.

Payment for the total amount and my Version
2.x  serial number are enclosed (use order date
if you have not yet received your Curriculum).  
 Name: __________________________________________
 Address: _______________________________________
 City: ______________ St: ____ Zip: _____________
 Ph: ________________ Email: ____________________
 Date: ____/_____/_____ Serial No: ______________ 

    Quantity                              Amount

    _____ Saxon Math 54 .......... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Math 65 .......... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Math 76 .......... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Math 87 .......... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Algebra 1/2 ...... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Algebra I ........ $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Algebra II ....... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Advanced Math .... $85 EA _____

    _____ Saxon Calculus ......... $85 EA _____

                             Sub Total = $_____

   Media Mail:  $5.00 Per Book (3-4 weeks)
Priority Mail: $10.00 Per Book (1-2 weeks)

                              Shipping = $_____

                           Grand Total = $_____

 Send a check or money order made out to
Arnold Jagt and mail to:

              Arnold Jagt, 
     3321 Sesame Dr., Howell, MI 48843. 

 We cannot offer international shipping.

 Note: You can  determine which Saxon Math Books
 you need by using the Placement Exam.

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