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G.A. Henty Collection - Robinson Books
Adventure, Character, History, and Vocabulary
 • In Books that Children Love to Read
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 • Historian George Grant summarized the importance of Henty's writings:...


In Books that Children Love to Read

Hard Bound, Soft Bound, and CD-ROM editions. All 99 of G. A. Henty's books are now available in print and digital formats.  The CDs also includes 53 short stories by Henty and 216 short stories by his contemporaries. Written during the latter part of the 19th Century, G. A. Henty's books were very popular and widely used in the schools of Britain and the United States during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

GA HentyWhile many children's adventure books that emphasize the traits of courage, high moral character, diligence, perseverance and other valuable personal virtues were written during this period, G. A. Henty's books are unique. Each adventure takes place within the setting of some important period in human history. From the fall of Jerusalem to the American Civil War, Henty's heroes live their adventures within exciting historical events. The reader learns much detailed history while he is being entertained and taught by exemplary heroes.

Moreover, through his personal experiences and careful scholarship, Henty provides very detailed and accurate accounts of history. While one might read a section of a history book concerning, for example, the conquering of Mexico by Spain, most such accounts are dry and shallow in comparison with Henty's tale of the primary happenings and of the way of life of the people caught up in those events.

From the French Revolution to the Great Plague of London, from the Crusades to the American Civil War, Henty readers learn in-depth history, superior vocabulary and literary techniques, and the advantages of high personal character - while they are being entertained by a master storyteller.

The Robinson Books Henty Collection is outstanding reading for any person - young or old, regardless of educational background.


Read and Print Original Texts

All pages of these books, including illustrations and colored covers are on the CDs as 600 dpi image files. When printed with the included software, they look exactly like the originals. Moreover, image sizes can be adjusted during printing, so the reader is not limited to the small print that was customary a century ago. An excellent on-screen reader is also provided for those who wish to read the books on the computer screen.


Historian George Grant summarized the importance of Henty's writings:

"When I was growing up, the great historical epics of G.A. Henty were already becoming difficult to find, but whenever I ran across one in our local library, I quickly checked it out, rushed home, and read it, usually without putting it down. In the years since, I have haunted dusty antiquarian bookshelves in an effort to collect as many of these gems as possible. Other writers have succeeded admirably in capturing a single culture or area, but Mr. Henty was equally adept at telling the story of the Crimean War as of the Peloponnesian War, of the Franco-Prussian conflict as of the Norman conquest, of the adventures of the Conquistadors as of the trials of the Pharaohs. Apparently, his virtuosity knew no bounds. The action-packed stories of courage, tenacity, and providential faithfulness left me as breathless and enthused reading them as an adult as they did some thirty years ago."

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