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How to add the RC Logo to your messages & web pages

Robinson LogoThe following code snippet is all you need to add the RC Logo to your web page or forum messages.

In the Robinson Forums you can choose Options from the Forum menu and add it to your Default Settings Signature.

Our Children Use the Robinson Curriculum


<A HREF=”” NAME=”Robinson Curriculum”> <IMG SRC= “” WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=30 ALT=”Our Children Use the Robinson Curriculum” BORDER=0></A>

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Printable Brochures

We have printable brochures available in 3 sizes:

1 Page: One Page Brochure

32 Page: 32 Page Brochure (PDF)

100 Page: Printable RC Website

Please feel free to print one or more of these out for you and your friends. You are also welcome to print out some for your local homeschool group or book fair.


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