The Curriculum Home School Parents Have Been Waiting For
Robinson Curriculum

Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior
knowledge as did many of America's most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.

V I R T U A L   S E M I N A R

Listen to a speech by Dr. Robinson about home-schooling and more.
[Speech by Art Robinson]

T H E   R O B I N S O N   S T O R Y

We Need Higher Hopes
Be sure to read the Robinson family's story and discover how their efforts created a home school that actually needs no teacher and is extraordinary in its effectiveness.

"Ten years ago Laurelee and I decided to educate our children in a home school rather than a public school or a private school. The burden of this decision fell most heavily upon Laurelee who took responsibility for the substantial work that we expected this home school to require."   [ CONTINUED...[]>
From the original article by Dr. Robinson: Christian Children Must Have More Than A Fighting Chance

The Robinson Curriculum is self-contained on 22 CD-ROMs
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The Robinson Curriculum is a product of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

A  U N I Q U E   A P P R O A C H

Self Teaching Works
One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is to teach your children to think and to learn by reading books. Most of us were taught with a teacher at the front of the room, using textbooks and workbooks.

The Robinson Curriculum shows you how to set up a self-teaching home-school where the best minds in history teach your children through books. When your child is able to learn from books, the world is at their feet; anything they want to learn, any field they wish to enter, is open to them.

Experienced home-schoolers know that the secret to success is to avoid curriculums that impose a group school methodology on their homeschool. Instead, they leverage the Robinson methodology to achieve results far superior to "teacher-centered" curriculums.

Many homeschool children are still taught with a teacher (Mom) at the front of the room and a workbook in their hands as if they were still in a group school.  Your children deserve better.  Choose the curriculum that was made for student-centered learning; where the parent spends as little as 15 minutes per day and the children achieve superior results. Give them a self-teaching methodology with superior academic standards and the best books in the English language.  Choose the Robinson Curriculum.

F R O M   O U R   C U S T O M E R S

I love the Robinson Curriculum!

We love Robinson Curriculum! I've used it for a year, and am sticking with it, especially now that there are so many more CD-ROMs to use.

Q U I C K   O V E R V I E W

Learning Features
Complete Course of Study
12 Years of Education - 22 CDs
120,000 Page Library Resource
1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
1913 Noah Webster's Dictionary
2,000 Historic Illustrations
6,000 Word Vocabulary Teacher
Progress Exams Keyed to Books
Outstanding Science Program
Very High Academic Quality
Proven Methods of Self Study
Long Feature Description

22 CD-ROMs, deluxe softcover folding CD case, printable books, science program, vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards.
Our children use the Robinson Curriculum

Use as a standalone homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to your children's current school education; all books, science program, and vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards included.
You can find out where to start older children here.

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The price of the Robinson Curriculum is $195 - onetime, total, complete. The more children you have the better the bargain.

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I love it because my girls really are becoming self taught, my 12 year old having literally educated herself this year.