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Saxon Placement Estimation Chart

Grade LevelAccelerated StudentAverage StudentSlower Student
(A.P. Calculus*)
Advanced Math
(Geo., Trig., Alg. 4**)
Advanced Math***
11thAdvanced Math
(Pre-Calculus II*)
Advanced Math
(Geo., Trig., Alg. 3**)
Algebra 2
10thAdvanced Math
(Pre-Calculus I*)
Algebra 2Algebra 1
9thAlgebra 2Algebra 1Algebra 1/2
8thAlgebra 1Algebra 1/2Math 87
7thAlgebra 1/2Math 87Math 76
6thMath 76Math 76Math 65
5thMath 65Math 65Math 54
4thMath 54Math 54

* Suggested course titles. Accelerated students will finish Advanced Mathematics in the first semester of eleventh grade and begin Calculus in the second semester.  Pre-Calculus I consists of the first 70-90 lessons in Advanced Mathematics.  Pre-Calculus II comprises the remaining lessons.

** Suggested course titles. The content in Geometry-Trigonometry-Algebra 3 is identical to that in Pre-Calculus I but is presented at a slower pace. Likewise, Geometry-Trigonometry-Algebra 4 is the same as Pre-Calculus II. Using these course titles allows accelerated students who are not successful in Advanced Mathematics during the tenth grade to try again and still receive credit. Students who complete  Advanced Mathematics will have taken the equivalent of two semesters of geometry, one semester of trigonometry, and one semester of advanced algebra. (“Geometry” in the course title ensures credit for geometry.)

*** These students may find the material in Advanced Mathematics difficult. Consider placing them in a less rigorous mathematics course.

  • Math 8/7 covers a broad spectrum of topics that are required by the mathematical standards of many states. Considerable pre-algebra content is included, and students who complete the text successfully (80% or higher test scores) will be prepared to take Algebra 1 as their next mathematics course.
  • Algebra 1/2 focuses on developing skills that prepare students for algebra. The pre-algebra content is more extensive than the pre-algebra content of Math 8/7; however, the scope is narrower.

You can see an online preview of Saxon Math here.

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