Robinson Curriculum

Superb Educational Results

… with Far Less Teacher Time

They teach themselves to think.

From phonics to physics, these 22 CDs and a set of Saxon math books are all that you need to give your children a superior education. You can use this curriculum to supplement your children’s current schooling or as a stand-alone education using the included self-study methods.

The Robinson children teach themselves (as do the 60,000 children now using this system) ­ so well that their 11th and 12th grade work is equivalent to high quality 1st and 2nd year university instruction in science, history, literature, and general education.

They also teach themselves study habits that do not depend upon planned workbooks, teacher interaction, and other aids that will not be available later in life.

They teach themselves to think.

Many home schools are limited by the burden of teaching that is placed on parents. Dr. Robinson has spent less than 15 minutes per day teaching all six children ­ ages 6 through 18. Yet, both of his oldest students scored over 1400 on the SAT (over 1500 on the new SAT) and received two years of advanced placement in college. The younger children are doing as well.

Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.

Dr. Robinson has spent less than 15 minutes per day teaching all six children

Give children access to a good study environment and the best books in the English language and then ­ get out of their way! All Curriculum books may be viewed on the computer screen and printed with included software.

This unique curriculum will save you hours of teaching time each day and will give your students an opportunity to develop superior knowledge and life-long study habits.

One caution ­ do not use this curriculum unless you are willing for your children to be academically more learned than you.

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