Robinson Curriculum

Support for Non-Original Owners

Support for Non-Original Owners

If you purchased the curriculum used we now allow you to upgrade to be registered, receive technical support, and notification of updates.
This purchase also includes one year of RC Online and the right to continue your membership for the regular price of $48 after your included one year runs out. You will receive an email with your Login ID and Password within a few hours of ordering.
To read more about everything that is included in RC Online see:

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Support Non-Original Owners
Includes 1 year of RC Online


Before You Purchase a Used Robinson Curriculum

Please take note of the following:

  1. According to the license agreement when a person transfers the curriculum to another person, all printed materials must accompany the original CDs.  If you purchase a used curriculum without receiving the printed materials the previous owner(s) printed out then the license agreement is being violated.
  2. Technical Support is not provided for non-original owners unless paid for separately (see above).
  3. Replacement CDs are $20 each (they are free for original owners). This applies should any CDs become lost, scratched, or broken and is all the more significant for older CDs.
  4. Only original owners are eligible for discounted pricing for any future upgrades.

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