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Saxon Math Publishers

The Robinson Curriculum recommends Saxon Math program. You can click here to find math placement exams and other information.

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Home School Legal Defense Association

Join this organization for a nominal amount per year and you get to call them if anyone bothers you about home schooling your children. This is worth it just for the peace of mind.

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Regional Associations – Local Homeschool Groups

State & Local Home School Organizations and Support Groups had a very helpful page on State & Local Home School Organizations and Support Groups, including contact information and short descriptions.

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Homeschool World

The publishers of Practical Homeschooling.  “the best homeschooling site on the web – contains articles, lists of homeschooling organizations and conventions, Homeschool Mall, Help back issues, and much more!”

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Worthwhile Links

Some worthwhile links for older students:

This website presents many worthwhile books and MP3s chock full or highly intellegent and worthwhile lectures and colloquies on a variety of topics.

Gary North gives you an explicitly Christian economic commentary of the Bible. This website presents you with the full texts of the books in HTML format and DjVu formats.

Also see the Uncle Eric series by Richard Maybury at:

See George Gilder’s Book of the Month list for mostly very worthwhile books:

This website is a good overview of all the good reasons to homeschool.

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This is a website from a Robinson Curriculum family that developed a flash card program to augment the Robinson Curriculum.

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The Writing Course

The Writing Course, designed by a RC family, helps parents give the feedback needed to cultivate excellence in grammar, punctuation, style, etc.

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Read Write Play Music

A homeschool music course that follows the RC type of methodology for music.  By Dr. Ian Hodge and his talented family. Note: This is now included in the RC Online in the Bonus Materials section.

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The Homeschool STUDENT Planner

My wife loves this homeschool planner by an RC family.  Our kids like it too.

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Dollar Homeschool

This website provides a rich resource of homeschool materials at reasonable prices.

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