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Technical Support

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Support Options and Services

Robinson SupportThere are several options available to you if you are in need of technical support:

1. Check the Support FAQ to see if your question is answered there.

2. Watch our set of seven instructional orientation videos.

3. Go over the rest of the Support section and your RC Application Guide . It was installed on your computer when you installed the program and can accessed at the same place you start the Robinson Curriculum program.

4. Try the Robinson Forum Support Sections where you can ask questions and read other people’s questions and answers.

5. If none of the options above provide the help you need for Robinson Curriculum Windows technical support you can send an email to: robinsoncurriculum “at”

6. If you own the CDs and would like access to the Robinson Curriculum Online or G.A. Henty Collection Online we offer that through our: Online Support Membership  This is especially helpful for non-Windows devices or any where the CDs are not convenient. 

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General Advice

Some printers and print drivers are more prone to problems than other as manufacturers try to gain a competitive advantage by pushing the technology envelope.

As a rule, the print drivers that ship on the Microsoft Windows CD are more reliable than those that come with the printer. Thus, if you are having problems, look in you printer manual for information on which other printers your printer is compatible with. Then install the print driver(s) for those printers (My Computer – Printers – Add Printer). Print drivers for earlier models may be simpler, more thoroughly tested, and thus more reliable.

For many printers that are PCL (HP’s Printer Control Language) compatible, the HP LaserJet Series II print driver is a solid choice for a fast, reliable print driver.  If you have the Brother 1650/1850 printer the best prit driver is the HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL.

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RC (and Henty) Program Download

We have new software (Version 2.2D) available that may be a slight upgrade to what is available on your CDs.

You can get it by clicking on the button below and choosing Run or Open.

Click here to download

Note: You must be the Administrator of your PC to install it. Also, be sure to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus Real-Time Scanning. Once it is installed, for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8: Set the Robinson Curriculum properties to run in Windows XP (SP3) compatible mode. (Right click on the icon, choose Properties and then the Compatibility tab).

For information about our new No More Flipping CDs: Robinson CD Copier utility click here.

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RC for Mac

For those of you who have a Mac, the file below, when saved to your Documents folder will give you a way to View and Print all the materials on all 22 CDs. Be sure to only download it once!

You can get it by clicking on the button below and choosing:

Save As... : RobinsonCurriculum | Where: Documents

Then open the Read Me First file.

Click here to download

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Replacement CD Request

For broken, lost, or damaged CDs.

Replacement CDs are $20 with free shipping. Note: If you purchased the curriculum new, be sure to include your serial number in the order and we will verify and refund the amount of the order.

Enter Serial # & Disk Needed


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