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An overwhelmed parent asks, “Can someone tell me what is RC? I am new and I keep hearing about it.”

Answer: It’s a printing curriculum delivered digitally. It’s centered around the Robinson self-teaching methodology. The student’s day is pretty straight forward.

  • A lesson of math – they mark their own work against the Answer Key.
  • A page of writing – on any topic they want. You mark it for errors.
  • A few vocabulary words – use flashcards or the vocabulary exercises.
  • A couple of chapters of reading – they go from Book 1 – 150 over time.

That’s it. The next day they pick up where they left off the day before. As you implement the Course of Study and they mature, they become self-taught, active, independent learners.

As the parent you print out the books from our curriculum as needed and the student works from that printed material. Buy them a notebook to do their math in and another to do their writing in. Instruct them to put the date at the top of each page as they go along. These notebooks will act as a complete record of their work.

Saxon Math is recommended. The free Saxon Math Placement Exams will tell you which book to start them in. Before Saxon 54 they would need to learn their math facts by rote memory using randomly ordered flashcards. The excellent Ray’s Arithmetic math curriculum is included free of charge.

It costs just $195 for all the kids, all the subjects, all 12 years, and is getting better all the time. The only thing you need is your phone or tablet or laptop and the recommended printer. It prints a 300 page book for just 60 cents worth of ink.

Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education. [MORE…]

Virtual Seminar

Listen to a speech by Dr. Robinson about homeschooling and more.

[RC Virtual Seminar by Art Robinson]

The Robinson Story

We Need Higher Hopes

Read the Robinson family’s story and discover how their efforts created a home school that actually needs no teacher and is extraordinary in its effectiveness.

“Ten years ago Laurelee and I decided to educate our children in a homeschool rather than a public school or a private school. The burden of this decision fell most heavily upon Laurelee who took responsibility for the substantial work that we expected this home school to require.” [CONTINUED…]

*From the original article by Dr. Robinson: Christian Children Must Have More Than A Fighting Chance

Value Priced

The price of the Robinson Curriculum is $195 with same day access to RC Online. No matter how many children you have you only need to purchase one curriculum for them all.

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Robinson Curriculum Blog

From Our Customers

Why We Chose Robinson Curriculum

Having the kids self-teach, I believe, is one of the best ways to prepare them for adulthood – after all, they’ll continue to learn and study topics of interest all their lives. If I hold their hand, they’ll never learn: independent study habits, responsibility, accountability, to think things out on their own, and justified self-confidence.
Homeschool Mom Paula Miller, Whole Intentions   [CONTINUED…]

I Love the Robinson Curriculum!

Thank you for giving homeschoolers an option that is both affordable and excellent quality. My son, age 8, has been using the curriculum for about a year now, and I’m so impressed with the results I’ve seen. His vocabulary, writing ability, and math skills have shown marked improvement. However, I believe the best part is that my son has taken ownership of his education, and now understands that he can teach himself. – Kayla C.

God bless you and thank you for all you do!

A Unique Approach

The Independent Learner

When you teach something you truly learn it. This is the key to the self-teaching approach of the Robinson Curriculum. In this set of articles Dr. Arthur Robinson explains the benefits of this approach and provides other insights on a variety of topics.

Dr. Robinson is a scientist who works on various aspects of fundamental biochemistrynutrition, and preventive medicine. He is President and Research Professor of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. His wife Lauralee, who was also a scientist, homeschooled their children until her death in November 1988, when the children were 12, 10, 8, 6, 6, and 16 months. During the past ten years, Dr. Robinson and the children have continued their homeschooling by developing a program entirely based upon self-teaching. [FIRST ARTICLE…]

Quick Overview

Learning Features

  • Printable books/materials on CD
  • 2 Years of RC Online (a $96 Value)
  • Complete Course of Study
  • 12 Years of Education – 22 CDs
  • 120,000 Page Library Resource
  • 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • 1913 Noah Webster’s Dictionary
  • 2,000 Historic Illustrations
  • 6,000 Word Vocabulary Teacher
  • Progress Exams Keyed to Books
  • Outstanding Science Program
  • Very High Academic Quality
  • Proven Methods of Self Study
  • Long Feature Description


22 CDs, 2 years of RC Online, K-12 printable books, science program, vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards.[MORE… ]
Note: Does not include the Saxon Math books.

Rated #1 in Seven Curriculum Categories

Practical Homeschooling Magazine Annual Reader Awards,

First Places in:

  •  Literature
  •  Vocabulary
  •  Curriculum – Middle School
  •  Curriculum – High School
  •  Spelling
  •  Grammar / Language Arts
  •  History


Use as a standalone homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to your children’s current school education; all books, science program, and vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards included.

 You can find out where to start older children here.

Ready to Go

All the Subjects

While the Robinson Curriculum is structured around the 3 R’s…

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic

it covers a large number of subjects:

  • Bible
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Physics: Newtonian Mechanics
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
  • General Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • American Government
  • English Grammar
  • English Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Philosophy
  • Free Market Economics
  • Language Arts
  • American and English Literature
  • Phonics
  • Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia

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The Robinson Curriculum is a product of the Robinson family and friends.

The Robinson Curriculum can be purchased over the Internet by credit card here.  We are committed to making your order easy and secure. The Robinson Curriculum includes all 12 years of education in all the subjects. It is a family license so you can use it with all your children. It includes free replacement CDs for as long as you use the curriculum. Software updates are also free. Two years of RC Online are included with your purchase. CDs are optional if you just want Online delivery. The optional Henty Collection is an after school reading program we recommend for children 12 and up. The charge will show up on your credit card statement under the name of Robinson Internet. Tracking emails are sent from PayPal Store-ShippingEasy once your items have been shipped.

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 Saxon Math Text Book
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Print your own flashcards or buy them pre-printed here.

 RC Vocabulary Flashcards
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 RC Vocabulary Flashcard
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Vocabulary Flashcard

 RC Math Flashcards
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Get everything we offer for all the kids, all the subjects, for all 12 years.

RC Digital Lifetime Bundle
RC + HT SD Card w/ Lifetime Warranty ($275)
Lifetime RC + HT + Bonus Materials Online ($720)
Lifetime Upgrades ($200)
28 Henty Audio Books w/ Study Guides ($784)

Total Value($1,979)
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RC Complete Lifetime Education Bundle
RC + HT CDs + SD Card w/ Lifetime Warranty ($275)
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Math Flashcards ($96)
Vocabulary Flashcards ($249)
Vocabulary Exercises ($79)
Saxon Math Complete Set ($1,249)
Lifetime RC + HT + Bonus Materials Online ($720)
Lifetime Upgrades ($200)
Henty Set #1 (8 books) ($100)
Up From Slavery ($23)
Prof. K’s Grammar/Spelling ($26)
28 Henty Audio Books w/ Study Guides ($784)
16″ Antique Raised Relief Desk Globe ($300)

Total Value($4,227)
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Note: If want to order either of the Lifetime Bundles but already own some part of it or have already paid for yearly RC Online fees, go ahead and send us an email or call and we will adjust the content and refund the cost of the components you have already purchased. We do not want to have you pay for anything twice.

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The Saxon Math Placement Exam is available here free of charge.

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